AP Online Tour — Backgammon World Championship

2022 Monte Carlo Satellite Playoff

Tournament Details

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Playoff winner receives their choice of Backgammon World Championship Championship Division entry fee at a €1,000 value OR $1,100 cash payout! Runner-up receives $400. Losing semi-finalists receive $200 each.
The side pool pays two places at a 70/30 split. Rakes for prize pools and side pools will be applied according to AP membership level.


Dual simultaneous entries allowed with unlimited re-entries until full!

Free Level I Membership

All participants who are not AP members receive FREE AP Level I memberships with no limitations.

This tournament is a Backgammon World Championship event and is directed by Bill Riles and Tara Mendicino. The 2022 Monte Carlo Satellite Playoff is a multi-day event and is run under the following format.

Start Date & Eligibility

Start Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 10:00 am EST
Eligibility: Open to All

Tournament Entry

Entry Fee: $60 (ZERO registration fee)    Prize Pool Return: 90% return for AP Level I members. 100% return for AP Level II and Level III.
Side Pool: $40    Side Pool Return: 95% return for AP Level I members. 100% return for AP Level II and Level III.
You will maintain your side pool equity in all event formats allowing rebuys or re-entries. You will not need to pay again to enter side pools.
Re-Entry Fee: $60

Tournament Format

Format: Single Elim    Match Points: See the drawsheets for match points per round and round deadlines.

Online Location & Clock Settings

Online Server: Backgammon Galaxy    Clock Settings: Clocks Required - Normal Settings